Tuesday, April 5, 2011

60 Degrees and Sunny...check

A wise man once said "to feed the body's compulsions is to starve the soul."

Actually, no one ever said that.  I just made that up.  Impressed?  I thought you would be.  So since no wise person (except TravWise) ever said that about feeding the body's compulsions, I'm just going to go ahead and feed one of mine:

List making.  Oh yes, you know how it goes.  That inescapable feeling that your life is a chaotic jumble that can only be relieved by filling pads of paper with lists of to-dos and neatly checking them off one by one.  You know you want to make one, now.  But wait.  Read mine first.  Then when you make your own, you can write "Slake my thirst for the incredibly stimulating written word by reading a delightfully creative blog."


Travis's Tuesday To-Dos:

Wake up and shower immediately: check.
Sit on the porch and note the cloudless sky: check.
Revel in the fact that it is too chilly for the wasps to be out: check.
Finish a huge project with a much-needed payout: check.
Read some literary agent blogs: check.
Watch elementary school kids get into fight outside my apartment: check.
Note that there is still hope in the world when angry fighting elementary school child spells A-S-S instead of saying it: check.
Watch Jill take a nap: check.
Make a barbecue meatloaf, cheesy garlic mashed potatoes and coleslaw for dinner: check +2 points for the yum factor.
Watch The Biggest Loser: check.
Tear up when Courtney went home: (Private)
Watch Cupcake Wars with Jill: check.
Vocally berate Asian girl who wins Cupcake Wars: check.
Blog: check.

Ahhhh... slaked.


tori said...

Well, I got out of my last class early, grabbed a snack from the student center, and came back to my room to do some homework, eat snackage, and watch biggest loser on hulu. Only first, I decided to read your blog first. Courtney goes home. Now I don't have to watch it anymore :p

TravWise said...

Oh NOOO. I'm one of THOSE people!! Agh, I hate myself.