Works In Progress


This is the completed manuscript that I am currently submitting to agents throughout the galaxy, er, nation.

Here's the premise. Please feel free to rip this query letter to SHREDS.

Fifty years ago, the Primaries vanished within the space of a single second. The catalyst behind the existence and eventual disappearance of the superheroes is still baffling the world, which is why Brady Wiggins is convinced the mayor is high on spray tan fumes when he passes a law banning students from studying the Primaries in school.

Since his parents and teachers refuse to challenge the mayor's blatant censorship, Brady wrangles his best friend Dane and Dane's all-too-beautiful girlfriend, Lena, into subterfuge as they attempt to uncover the truth about the Primaries on their own. Brady's amateur sleuthing captures the attention of The Voice, the creator of genetically-enhanced humans, who asks him to participate in a great experiment: one that places superhuman powers in the hands of teenagers.

Brady must lead his friends through clashes with The Hood, a menace from the old days who is gunning for Brady with his own team of teenage fire-breathers, shape-shifters, and sledgehammer-wielders. When Brady's secret love for Dane's girl opens the fighting on two fronts, he learns that the glorious life of a hero is often pockmarked with sacrifice, heartbreak, and death.

Just waiting on that special agent who wants to be the Robin to my Batman. Oh, Lord, no. I hate Robin. I'll be Batman. You be Superman.

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