Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Query Woes, Crit Partner, @#$& Xmas In July

Oh, Michelle Krys, you wielder of uber-query-power, you! You and your deviant partner in crime, Ruth Lauren Steven have caused me infinite woe for the past 24 FREAKING hours! Twitter sent me a candy-gram today. It said, "Stop refreshing the site so often. It's pathetic."

For those of you who don't know, these two authors have been hosting a XmasInJuly contest for writers this week. On Monday, an e-mail address opened up for writers to send their query letters and the first 500 pages of their completed manuscript. If Michelle and Ruth chose your query, they would post it on the website. Then, 10 agents (whose names had been paraded around on the site like a Snickers bar on a string) would--gasp--REQUEST YOUR WORK! Translation: all your dreams can come true.

I submitted my query at 8:30 Monday morning. It took me all of five minutes (not counting the hours of line-by-line editing). I didn't realize, though, that Michelle and Ruth would spend all day tweeting the most TANTALIZING and CRYPTIC messages about all the queries they were receiving.

I was glued. To the computer. All day long. All night. All the next morning. You get the picture. And now, you're easing slowly away from the computer screen. You're clicking the back button.

What? Have I freaked you out? FINE GO! *sigh.

In other news, I'm searching for a crit partner, now. Someone with whom I can start a mutually profitable trade'n'grade cyberworkshop with.

Any takers?

No, not you, 14-year-old girl writing Twilight fan fiction.

P.S. Results for XmasinJuly go up on Friday. So, you should check out the winners there because I guarantee you the results will be educational. Not to be self-deprecating (defecating?), but I don't think mine made it. Got to work on raising the stakes in my letter, right? Right.