Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Freelance Experience

So, guess what I'm figuring out?  Freelance writing is hard work.  Ok, I see you all seasoned freelancers slapping your foreheads and groaning.  Of course it's hard work, you say!  Nevertheless, I admit I initially subscribed to the "I Can Write Fast So I'll Make A Ton Of Money In No Time" school of thought. 

Thankfully, the rainbow is gone and the dancing leprechaun at my feet revealed himself to be a Reality Gnome.  I've got it now.  This career choice is danged hard.

My Freelance Experience

I've been working as a freelance writer for about a year now.  I started out writing articles (for dirt cheap) on a website called Textbroker.  Textbroker was a great place for me to start because it provided me with simple articles to write and didn't require any sort of bid process.  It's just first come, first served.  Eventually, I graduated to Elance. And that's where I've parked my derriere for the time being.  Elance is great, and for now, it is providing me with most of the work I need.  There is still room for growth, of course, and I've got other plans for developing my own personal brand...  but that's going to take time.

Wanna Know A Secret?

I spend about an hour each day reading some great blogs about writing, freelance writing, marketing, social media, and SEO principles.  One thing I've noticed, there doesn't seem to be a lot of blogs about getting your foot IN THE DOOR of the freelance community.  I'm going to add a few posts for the next few weeks about my experiences with Elance and Textbroker, and offer some tips to those who are considering the industry.

To my readers: if you have been considering pursuing some ventures that will provide you with a little extra income each month, I encourage you to try Elance.  Keep checking back for my insider secrets about how I found jobs, wrote successful bids, and kept my clients coming back for more!

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