Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Ragamuffin Gospel...Chapter Six

Grazie, Signore, for Your lips twisted in love to accomodate my sinful self; for judging me not by my shabby good deeds but by Your love that is Your gift to me; for Your unbearable forgiveness and infinite patience with me; for other people who have greater gifts than mine; and for honesty to acknowledge that I am a ragamuffin. When the final curtain falls and You summon me home, may my last whispered word on earth be the wholehearted cry, "Grazie, Signore."

Brennan Manning

The Answer is "I Have No Answer"

I consider myself in perpetual development and growth.

I accept that I will never have every answer, never do anything perfectly, and never be satisfied while I am here on this earth. With that said, I have also decided to never ever stop trying. Trying to see the unexpected answers given in every minute moment of life. Trying to attain perfection, if only to more closely understand the life of my Savior. And trying to find complete satisfaction in every instant, assured that Christ is always sufficient.

Because I know, with all my heart, that through God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. And apart from Him is only death. I choose life, and I believe that it is my mission, duty, and great privilege to share that life with as many people as I can before mine ends.

It begins now.

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