Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Paleo: Day 2

Hmmm... bacon with no guilt? Check one for "Paleo Pros."

Ate what I was supposed to eat today. Except I snuck some peanuts. Sneaked some peanuts. I stealthily popped some Planters peanuts.

No, I am not drunk. Not hungry, either.

Breakfast: Eggs and Bacon. Uber Original, right?
Lunch: Raw veggies
Dinner: Tilapia with cilantro pesto and sauteed squash. DOUBLE YUM!
Cravings: cooookies.
Energy level: It's 1 in the morning. What do  YOU think?

Talking about bacon is making me feel fat. How late is too late to run a lap?

In other news, television networks should put me in charge of deciding what gets to stay on the air and what gets yanked. Every time I see a Facebook post/Tweet that goes something like this "What? Blankety Blank show got cancelled? Nooo!! That was the best show on television! I hate tv....."

I'm all like... Hey girl, I feel your pain. Let's watch reruns of Minute To Win It and The Sing Off until people start listening to us.