Thursday, April 7, 2011


It's a beautiful day... don't let it get away.  What you don't have you don't need it now...

Wow I love that U2 song.  And today WAS beautiful.  Perfect weather; it even smelled pretty outside according to Jillian. 

Today, Jill and I FINALLY put some stuff up on our poor, lonely apartment walls.  We hung a mirror and two sconces in the dining room, and put a makeshift mantel over our fireplace in the form of a shelf with some pictures and vases on it.

Side note: did you know that M-A-N-T-L-E refers to a cape-like garment or the layer above the earth's core and M-A-N-T-E-L refers to the decorative portion around a fireplace?  Yeah neither did I until I just looked it up.

So after Jill and I wrestled with tape measures, nails, screws, a drill and a hammer, we had our weekly get-together with some of our greatest Nashvillian friends.  Thursday nights are bible study nights (actually, I think we've decided to call it Thurch), and I absolutely love them.

Next week we are starting Rob Bell's new book Love Wins, and we are all really excited about it.  Tonight we decided to share one thing we were all dealing with and pray for each other daily.  I can't wait to see what's going to happen with everyone's unique situation. 

We had a small problem after Thurch where Brett decided to insult Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock in the same sentence, but Linzi lit his hair on fire and the party broke up soon after that.

All in all, great day.  Excited to see my in-laws this weekend.  Hope everyone has a great Friday and beyond!