Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's a bird... It's a plane...

Jennifer Gresham posted another great article at Copyblogger this morning:

Heretics, Superheroes, and Fighting the Lonely War of the Writer.

Wait, did she just compare writers to Superheroes?  Yes.  Does she know what comparing me to Batman will likely do to my ego?  Probably not.  Is she, regardless, now my most favorite person on the face of this planet?  Yes.

Of course, she also said that writers are sometimes considered heretics... not nearly as glorious a concept.  But hey, if that's what it takes to get my name out there and to get people reading the stuff I come up with, I'll take it.  After all, Batman was misunderstood, yes sir.  So, to boost my confidence (and to feed an incessant desire I have to blur the distinction between myself and The Dark Knight), I've compiled a list of the top 10 reasons why Batman's real identity is probably... me.

1.  Neither of us likes cats.
2.  We both prefer to stay up late and sleep in mornings.
3.  We both wear Batman underwear (hey, if Batman wears underwear, then they are automatically considered "Batman underwear."  Logic, people)
4.  We both use our intellect before our muscles (or in lieu of)
5.  We both prefer brunettes.
6.  We both do most of our day-job work on the top floor (Wayne Enterprises/ My Apartment)
7.  Neither of us wants to live strictly by the rule book.
8.  Batman has Alfred.  My vacuum cleaner is named Alfred.
9.  Both our heart rates accelerate when we see the Bat Symbol.
10. We both want to change the world.

So, yes, I can see her point.  Writers are like superheroes.  We are isolated, moody, often considered heretics, misunderstood, and we walk among you, donning our secret identities because if you knew that we were actually "writers," you'd probably ask to read our work.

And then, you'd hate all over it.

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